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Timesheets Overview

This section covers the requirements for completion and retention of timesheets.


Timesheets are a record of time worked by an hourly-paid employee. They must be completed correctly and verified by the employee's supervisor in order to ensure accurate paychecks. This section contains information on record keeping requirements, timesheet completion, review and authorization, timesheet processing and overtime calculation.

Timekeeping Requirements

Wage and Hour provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) require employers to maintain specific records on each hourly-paid (non-exempt) employee, including the worker's:

  • Occupation, and the day and time the employee's work week begins.
  • Hours worked each work day and work week

Individual departments, and in particular the manager reviewing each timesheet (or equivalent timekeeping document) will ensure accurate documentation of the two items noted above.

These records must be available for inspection for up to three years from the date the work was performed. Responsibility for compliance with these mandates is as follows:

  • The HR Processing/Payroll Office will be responsible for the three-year record keeping requirements for paper timesheets and e-timesheet records.
  • The Kronos Support Team will be responsible for the three-year record keeping requirements for employees paid by utilization of the Kronos timekeeping system.

Pre-printed, color timesheets are made available each pay period to the department responsible person for all currently active hourly-paid staff and student workers in each home department. New hires may need to complete a blank timesheet form until a preprinted form is delivered to the department (this usually takes approximately two weeks) or until access to Kronos or e-timesheet is available. Blank timesheets are available from Human Resources (Baker Building, 10th floor) and Student Employment (2309 West End Ave.).

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