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Information for Administrative Staff and Faculty

Many of Vanderbilt’s international students, scholars, and researchers are considered nonresident aliens (NRA) for tax purposes. People who are nonresident aliens for tax purposes are generally taxed at much higher rates on all income from U.S. sources than resident aliens and citizens are. Therefore, NRAs must have a basic understanding of the U.S. tax system and how to minimize over-taxation. It is important for the departments that are paying NRAs to have a basic understanding as well. For example, if a department sets up a service free stipend (SFS) for an international student but does not identify them as “ international” to HR or the International Tax Office (ITO), the student may not have the appropriate amount of tax withheld from their payments and may unexpectedly owe hundreds of dollars to the IRS at tax time. 

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Hiring an International Student? 

Please complete the PHN/Glacier Access Request Form if your student has not been previously employed at Vanderbilt.   The PHN will be their VU Student Admission number (begins with a 9). It is imperative that your student obtain a Social Security Number. After they obtain a Social Security Number, they need to update their GLACIER account and notify the ITO that they have done so.  The ITO in turn will update Payroll. The student also needs to notify the Registrar and the ISSS office. They will also need to update their information in Oracle Cloud.


GLACIER is an online tax compliance system that enables the ITO to collect information, make tax residency and income tax treaty determinations, and file reporting statements with the IRS.

When the ITO sends your student access to GLACIER an email will come from  Your student will need to create a profile in GLACIER in order for the ITO to accurately withhold taxes and apply any applicable tax treaty benefits.  The student will be required to print the forms that generate from GLACIER and submit those forms along with their immigration information to the ITO. 

Failing to request GLACIER access can potentially cause large tax liabilities for students when they are not taxed appropriately.