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Referral Bonus FAQ

Q: How will the referral bonus be paid?
A: Referral bonuses will be paid on your regular paycheck and will be identified as Employee Referral.


Q: When will the referral bonus be paid?
A: Unless otherwise noted by the hiring department referral bonus payments will be made after 90 and 180 days of employment. These payments will be paid to the referring employee within two pay cycles after the referred employee works 90 and 180 days at Vanderbilt University.


Q: Which departments are offering a referral bonus currently?
A: Campus Dining is offering a referral bonus of $500 to be paid in two installments once the referred individual reaches their 90th and 180th day of employment.


Q: I’m a hiring manager and have a hard to fill role and I would like to offer a referral bonus.  What steps do I need to take to implement a referral bonus for my open position?
A: Please work with your HR Consultant. You can find you HR Consultant here.


Q: Who is eligible for the referral bonus?
A: Staff, Faculty and postdoctoral scholars currently employed at Vanderbilt University and who is not involved in the hiring of the position they are referring someone for which includes:

  • Individuals transferring from one department to another department on campus,
  • managers and supervisors who are involved in the recruitment of the vacant staff position,
  • human resources professionals (HCM’s, administrative managers, etc.) in the department offering the referral bonus,
  • hiring committee members, if applicable, and any other employee involved in influencing the hiring decision


Q: Who is overseeing the referral program?
A: The Human Resources department is managing the referral program.


Q: Who do I contact if I didn’t get my referral bonus?
A: You may contact Human Resources, at


Q: How do I refer someone?
A: You may submit referrals through Oracle.
                1. Log into Oracle
                2. Click the Show More button under the Me Quick Actions menu
                3. Under the Current Jobs section, select Referrals


Q: Can I refer more than one person?
A: Yes, you can refer as many people as you would like for an open position, but you will only be paid if the person is hired.