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Contract Pay (SA Faculty)

This section provides overviews of the hiring and rehiring process, changes as a result of special cases, and accrual payouts and terminations of SA Faculty. See the left sidebar for sample forms.


SA Faculty are faculty members who are paid over a 12 month period (September to August / SA) for work performed during a 9-month academic year. This type of payment will be referred to as "contract" pay. Two distinct time periods are key to processing contract pay:

  1. "Contract Period" - time period over which the person's duties are performed (September 1 - May 31)
  2. "Accrual (payment) Period" - time over which the person is paid for the work performed (September 1 - August 31).

Please Note:

  • Each faculty member may only have ONE active contract at a time.
  • No changes to contracts or contract amounts are permitted to be effective in June, July or August.
  • For faculty terminated midyear, all accumulated Earnings Not Paid (ENP) are due and payable to the faculty member.
  • For faculty members known to be leaving at the end of the fall semester, pay as "monthly" rather than as "contract".

Forms and Documents for New Hires and Rehires

New faculty positions do not require a Transferring a Vacant Position form (formerly called a PMF) to be completed. Forward a copy of the faculty appointment letter, along with the Personnel Action Form (PAF), to HR Processing.


New faculty must complete Form I-9, Form W-4, and the Employee Information/Paycheck Distribution Form(s) on or before the first day of work. Ideally, these completed forms should be turned in with the New Hire PAF. Departments should send the new faculty member these forms or ask him/her to complete these forms immediately after an he/she accepts an offer. Otherwise, the forms may be completed in the department, at New Staff Orientation, or in Human Resources located at the Baker Building, 10th floor, 110 21st Ave. S.

  • Home address and phone number are required fields on the PAF!
  • All necessary approvals must be obtained on the PAF prior to submission.

Timely submission of the Personnel Action Form and related paperwork is critical to getting the employee paid on time and properly enrolled in his or her benefits. An employee will not be paid without a completed Form I-9.

See the Payroll Calendar for PAF due dates.

Send the New Hire PAF to:
Human Resources
Baker Building, 10th floor
Box 7718, Station B

Changes to an employee after hire should be processed using ePAC. To establish or change the name and address of the person responsible for receiving and reviewing the PAF Turnaround, use the Home Department Change Form.