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Tax Resources

W-2 forms

2017 W-2 forms are scheduled to be mailed on or after Jan. 19 to employee home addresses. You can also view your W-2 on C2HR Jan. 26. The online W-2 has the same information as the mailed W-2. Please use C2HR to reprint your W-2.

Please note, this is the last year you will access W-2 information through C2HR. Beginning with the 2018 tax year, you will view your W-2 information via Oracle Cloud.

This page can help you read and understand your W-2.

1095-C forms

1095-C forms, which are required by the Affordable Care Act and contain health plan information will be mailed to employees by March 2.

  • Use these instructions to verify your dependents Social Security Numbers (SSNs) are recorded correctly.
  • This page can help you read and understand your 1095-C form.

 If you receive Social Security benefits…

You should have received an SSA-1099 form (or SSA-1042S for nonresident aliens). If you need a replacement, you can get one online at my Social Security. Get more information about these forms here.

File online for less

Vanderbilt’s retirement plan provider, Fidelity Investments, offers employees a discount of up to $20 on Turbotax’s online income tax filing services. Click here for more information.