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Evaluation Process

Questions and Answers

Q. Will we have to hand in the evaluations on paper?

A. No.

Q. Where can I get a copy of a job description to include with the evaluation?
A. There is a job description database located on the JOBS web site. It is available in HR Systems Links under Job Descriptions.

Q. What is the period that we are evaluating?
A. The prior year is the time frame that you are evaluating or the period since the last evaluation.

Q. When does the annual performance evaluation period begin?
A. The annual performance evaluation period typically begins April 1, with the performance evaluations being completed on the last business day of May.

Q.  I have a staff member who reports to two different individuals, how do we complete the performance evaluation?
A. Since VPES only allows one supervisor to be assigned the staff member, both supervisors should come to an agreement on the employee's performance and complete the evaluation accordingly. In other words, one supervisor should incorporate feedback from both supervisors and enter into VPES.They may copy the performance evaluation in MS Word to collect feedback. Based on discussion with the Manager, you may recommend that one of the supervisors be set up as a Supervisor Assistant. A Supervisor Assistant does have the ability to edit the evaluation. If you recommend this approach, the Supervisor should be advised to add their initials after each comment so the employee will know which supervisor provided the context. For FY 2016, the paper evaluation form and VPES are only intended to be used as tools to guide a performance discussion.